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Useful Phrases for your next Gaelic Zoom rehearsal

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

With the need to keep safe in our own houses, our rehearsals and cèilidhs have gone online. The great news for all of the Scottish Gaelic learners out there, is that you can save this handy list to your desktop for easy reminders while you're next singing at your computer screen.

Halò! - Hello!

Feasgar math - Good evening

Ciamar a tha thu? - How are you? (informal/when speaking to one member of the choir)

Ciamar a tha sibh? - How are you? (formal/or when speaking to everyone in the choir)

A bheil sibh gam chluinntinn? - Can you hear me?

A bheil sibh gam fhaicinn? - Can you see me?

Tha thu air mute*! - You're on mute!

*If you don't want to slip into Beurla, another suggestion is "Tha thu air mùch" :)

Bha sin dìreach àlainn! - That was just lovely!

Tapadh leibh a h-uile duine - Thank you everyone

Now all phrased up and nowhere to go?

If our rehearsals aren't giving you enough Gaelic singing in your week, head over to for a monthly session organised by brilliant Còisir Lunnainn and Lothian Gaelic Choir member, Linn Phipps, and Marcas Mac an Tuairneir. All are welcome to give a song - and are often treated to songs in Breton as well as Scottish and Irish Gaelic

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